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Educational Goals

Corresponding with Taiwan’s economic development, the Ph.D. Program in Graduate School of Management (Hereafter refers to as Ph.D. Program) was established in 2001 to meet the demands of promoting industrial competitiveness, and to further improve the reputation and research standards of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) in the business field. The goal of this program is to extend the reach and to deepen root of teaching in business through the cultivation of talents, and at the same time to broaden the social influence of CYCU through the emphasis on Holistic Education and professional ethics, so as to provide an exceptional higher learning environment and contribute to the long term economic needs of the country.

Teaching Characteristics

An unique characteristic of the Ph.D. Program integrates the rich resources and excellent traditions of five departments under School of Business- Department of Business Administration, Department of International Trade, Department of Accounting, Department of Management Information Systems, and Department of Finance. The extraordinary management profession will help our PhD students succeed in Finance, Accounting, and International Business Management and Economics in both the international enterprise or the higher educational field. Our future goal, adjusted flexibly according to the changing environment, is to cultivate professional managers or academics with international visions, law knowledge and ethical approach.

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