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Office of Physical Education

The Office of Physical Education is in charge of all athletic related projects and consists of two divisions: Teaching Divisionand and Activities Division. Based on CYCU’s vision of holistic education, it aims to develop physically and mentally healthy and knowledgeable talents. The office is committed to athletic education, activities, competitions and academic research training; it promotes the implement of holistic education in order to create a healthy and energetic campus.

Sports are very popular on campus. The university has well-equipped venues and facilities as well as abundant teaching and learning resources. We provide a variety of programs which focus on cultivating athletic spirits and the interaction between students and teachers. The courses are carefully designed to emphasize health, adaptation, and creative teaching methods.
We believe that physical education is part of education and life. A sound body and mind is the main power to explore the society, develop technology, and cultivate humanity accomplishment. Sufficient training is a crucial way to develop talents and to benefit the public. Therefore, the strategies of the Office of Physical Education are: cultivate correct athletic knowledge and skills, create safe and healthy athletic environment, plan comprehensive and diverse athletic activities, and develop physically and mentally sound individuals. We aim to keep everyone healthy while passing on CYCU culture by providing active and insightful physical education.

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