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Office of Alumni Services

The mission of the Office is to serve, to share, and to build collective solidarity among CYCU alumni following these tenets:
1. We build a strong network to provide qualified services to our alumni, providing all-round information services with outstanding quality to connect our alumni to CYCU.
2. We drive innovative fundraising campaigns to enhance fundraising performance, encouraging distinguished alumni and unifying their strength to contribute to the development of CYCU.
Currently, there are 24 alumni associations domestically and internationally; they are located in USA/Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Macau. The number of alumni is more than 100,000.
Future Strategies:
1. Establish a comprehensive and accurate alumni database
2. Support the robust development of alumni associations
3. Improve services for alumni
4. Establish “CYCU Alumni Career Care Platform” to integrate both school records and personal files after graduation.
5. Integrate “CYCU Job Bank” and “CYCU Alumni Career Care Platform” to provide alumni a better job searching opportunity, creating a mutual channel for job seekers and employers to increase alumni’s employment rate.
6. Drive focused fundraising to combine various resources and sustain the development of the university.

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