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Related Research Topics
1. Environmental molecular biotechnology
This includes gene engineering, Bioremediation and biotechnology etc. It's the application of molecular Biotechnology in solving environmental problems.
2. Biosafety technique: 
Biohazard is emerging threat to human human health. How To monitor biohazards in environment is what the group work for. It includes the Analysis of environmental toxics, environmental hormones, bioaerosols and Pathogens.

3. Ecological conservation and pollution control seek to apply practical cost-effective strategies and techniques to prevent pollution and reduce environmental hazards. It's to find ways to make some unit of economic production --- a business firm, a family household, a farm ----more sustainable.

4. Resource Recycling and Biofuel is focused on development of green Production and provide alternative to achieve green economy growth. It Integrates scientific findings to help create sound environmental and economical Policies.

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