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The Department of Chemistry at Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) was established in 1955, and was one of the first four departments when the university was founded. In 1974, the Masters Degree Courses were established, and in the same year, the Doctorate Courses were set up.  In 1999, the in-service master class was set up.  Up to 2008, the Department had 4524 graduated students, and 556 students graduated from the master class, 65 students graduated from the doctor class. Excellent graduates are working in every sector and acting substantial roles in the domestic chemical industry.  At present, the Department has 610 students in the day school, 83 graduate students in the master’s classes, 82 students in the in-service master classes and 44 students in the doctorate classes.  The department provides a full complement of undergraduate and graduate courses in important aspects of modern chemistry.  Our faculty gets research grants of more than one million US$ from national science council and industry, publishes more than eighty papers including forty SCI papers every year.

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