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The International Graduate Program of Opto-Mechatronics for graduate students was initiated in 2006 by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU). The mission of the Program is to provide international students with a sound opto-mechatronics engineering education, advance the understanding and application of scientific principles, enhance economic development, and improve the quality of life o through teaching, research and outreach programs.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1964, and the program was extended to the evening school in 1972. The graduate program was initiated in 1980. The Department has three degree levels. The undergraduate program, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, is designed to provide high quality engineering training that allows each student as much flexibility as possible to pursue his (or her) interest and to develop his (or her) capabilities. After graduation, students find employment in all sectors from the government to the private, and from industrial to consulting. The graduate program, leading to a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree, is designed to provide a broad perspective and mastery of fundamentals through a required sequence in advanced mathematical analyses and through emphases in three areas: 1) Thermofluid Science, 2) Solid Mechanics and design, 3) Control and Manufacturing, and 4) Opto-Mechatronics. Each student is trained to develop the capability to perform independent research and to develop appropriate professionalism in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Throughout the various programs, substantial emphasis is placed on the development of systematic procedures for analysis, effective communication skills, practical aspects in design, and on the responsible use of technology. This can provide students with an approach and a philosophy of great utility, irrespective of their ultimate career. At present, the student body of the department has 600 students in its undergraduate program, 110 students in its master’s program, and 48 students in its Ph.D. program. Graduates of ME, CYCU, are nowadays around every sector of Taiwan Society and contributing greatly to part of success in Taiwan’s vibrant industry of mechanical engineering.

The department has now 19 full-time faculty members (9 professors, 5 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, and 1 lecturer) and 21 adjunct professors, whose professions lay mainly in general mechanics, fluid/thermo dynamics and control and mechatronics. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at ChungYuanChristianUniversityowns a highly-appraised atmosphere for undergraduate/graduate studies and research activities. Thirteen laboratories are established by professors via continuous fundings of averaged NT$ 40,000,000 per year acquired from governmental agencies and industry. With the financial resource obtained, research facility is constantly purchased and/or updated throughout years for the development of cutting-edge technology. Persistent effort exerted by the faculty and students make the department known nationally for injection molding, mechatronics, and rotor dynamics.

Program Duration & Degree Offered

MS Program - It is a policy that the duration for the M.S. program is from 1 year to 3 years.  Students, who have successfully completed and passed 30 credits of courses (including 6 credits of Master Thesis) and oral defense for thesis within the stipulated time period, shall receive a diploma in M.S. Degree of Mechanical Engineering and an additional certificate stating the degree is obtained via the Program of Opto-mechatronics.

Ph.D. Program - It is the policy that the duration for the PhD program is from 2 years to 6 years.  Students, who have successfully completed and passed 36 credits of courses (including 12 credits of Doctoral Dissertation) and oral defense for dissertation within the stipulated time period, shall receive a diploma in Ph.D. Degree of Mechanical Engineering and an additional certificate stating the degree is obtained via the Program of Opto-mechatronics.

Related Research

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Chung Yuan Christian University has highly-appraised atmosphere of academic study and outstanding research achievements.  At present the Institute is featured in the research and development of

1.      Injection molding,

2.      Mechatronics,

3.      Dynamics and precision control

4.      Opto-mechatronics.

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