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College of Business - Department of Accounting
Future Prospects




Undergraduate Curriculum
The design of the curriculum emphasizes a balance between theory and practice in order to implement the concept of holistic education. The main curriculum includes specialized courses in accounting, required courses, and general education courses. The curriculum also integrates courses in four specialized areas including management, accounting for government and non-profit organizations, tax law, and information auditing. The design aims to develop a healthy personality, professional ethics, and international perspectives to prepare students to become first-rate accounting professionals and researchers. With the intention of raising students’ competitiveness in the job market, the department also offers seven professional tracks including accountant, Internal auditor, Stock analyst, Accredited bookkeeper, Public official (in areas such as accounting, auditing, and tax law administration).
Master’s Program and EMBA Program
The required courses in the master’s program include Financial Accounting Theory, Advanced Managerial Accounting, Advanced Auditing, Research Methods, Thesis Writing, Special Topics on Business Ethics, and etc. In order to meet with practical demands, the department also offers curriculum in the areas of financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, accounting for government and non-profit organizations, tax law, and others.

International Exchange Activities

Short-Term Internship
The purpose of the program is to develop accounting students into accounting professionals that are efficient in theory and practice. Through short-term internship opportunities, students would observe, learn, and practice in the work place outside of the classroom setting so as to prove what they have learned. This would develop students’ future employment competitiveness and adaptability in the work setting.
Internship period: Summer of every year
Application eligibility: Accounting juniors going into the senior year and graduate students in accounting
Application time: Application is open every year
Internship organization: The top four accounting firms in the world that have working relationships with the department.


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