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 The CYCU Department of Landscape Architecture was founded in 2004 and it formally established its Masters Program in 2011. With a stable footing and a professional attitude of reflection we have opened up a new field of vision for landscape design and have already been affirmed by both the academic and professional sectors.

Landscaping Studiesis not simply focused on exploring ways to manage the designs of outdoor gardens, yards, parks and other outdoor spaces, but rather, it is concerned with ideas involved with creating scenery; whether it is cultural scenes within a natural environment or urban settings, communities, residential environmental planning or other spatial design. In fact landscaping is a concrete manifestation of the existence of mankind here on earth. Landscaping explains the relationship between man and nature and it expresses the contents of civilization.

The CYCU Department of Landscape Architecture hopes to educate and encourage students to cherish, respect and treat fairly all life-forms, cultures and environments, cultivating landscapers who pour their hearts and souls into protecting and creating beautiful environments that will sustain all life. We also endeavor to train landscape professionals with independent thinking, critical judgment, creativity and a broad base of knowledge related to landscaping. Furthermore, we hope students will possess solid professional landscape architecture skills and abilities to both communicate and cooperate in an interdisciplinary context. 

Therefore we emphasize:

(1)       A democratic approach to ecological planning and design

(2)       A global view with local practicality

(3)       Real experience with interdisciplinary cooperative education learning methods

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