Poet Popsicles, Coffee Grounds Sachets! CYCU Students’ Creativity Lights Up a Sustainable Future.

The “Advertising and Marketing Services Course” at Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) integrates the planning abilities of the Business Administration Department with the design expertise of the Commercial Design Department. The course collaborates with local non-profit organizations and social enterprises to address local development and environmental sustainability issues. Under the guidance of six instructors, students from the two departments engage in interdisciplinary collaboration, organizing activities such as second-hand bag campus treasure hunts, stall design markets, exhibition space transformations, and interactive experience creations, thereby practicing the university’s commitment to social responsibility and service.

On the morning of May 29, CYCU held the “Full Ingredients for Sustainability” results presentation at the Taipei NGO House, showcasing the efforts and achievements of four student groups in the fields of environmental sustainability, community care, cultural preservation, and creative design. This student-organized event featured multimedia displays, including portfolios, exhibition posters, and documentary videos, fully presenting their rich results. Additionally, a thematic action drama was prepared to emphasize that everyone can contribute to sustainability.

Huang Min-Yi, a student from the Business Administration Department, mentioned that the donation boxes for the recycling of second-hand bags are not only placed in stores but also in high-traffic areas on campus. She emphasized that everyone’s small efforts in their daily lives could become a force for saving the planet. Lee Che-Yu, a volunteer from Ubag, stated that Ubag has been promoting the second-hand bag recycling program for ten years, advocating for the reduction of single-use bags. He is committed to raising awareness about the purpose of the donation boxes and integrating environmental actions into daily life.

Faculty and students from Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) have long been conducting field studies in the Dahai community, located near the former Taoyuan Air Force Base. To preserve historical stories that might vanish due to the relocation for the Aerotropolis project, students organized the “Dahai Memories Exhibition” at the Taoyuan Design Library. The exhibition uses multimedia, models, and emotional walls to introduce more people to the memories of Chen Kang Elementary School and the Air Force dependents’ village within the community. The exhibition runs until May 31.

The Zhuolan Community Group planned the “Memory and Art of Former Residences” poetry and painting exhibition. This exhibition combines the five senses—sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell—to showcase the works of poet Zhan Bing and painters Zhan Qian-Yu and Zhan Yi-Xiu, promoting the unique local culture. Liao Yi-Jun, a third-year Business Administration student, mentioned that the exhibition is presented in a nostalgic and literary style. Visitors can experience a multi-sensory artistic journey through delicate paintings, dynamic poetry, tactile textures, and the taste of Zhuolan’s fruits. Additionally, the exhibition features fruit popsicles wrapped in poet Zhan Bing’s poetry, demonstrating a perfect blend of creativity and art.

On the second day of the event, May 23rd, the “Green Cybersecurity Workshop” was held. Experts and scholars from National Central University, Chung Yuan Christian University, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Plastics Industry Development Center were invited to discuss the challenges and solutions related to information security and net-zero carbon emissions in the development of the smart manufacturing industry. The two-day event not only fostered exchange and collaboration between industry, academia, and research sectors but also injected new momentum and vitality into the field of smart manufacturing.