Awarding an Honorary Doctorate to Lin Qi-Guo in Recognition of His Outstanding Contributions to the Overseas Chinese Community.

On May 29, 2024, Chung Yuan Christian University awarded an “Honorary Doctorate” to Lin Qi-Guo, President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations and founder of Dianhua Happiness Institution, in recognition of his long-term dedication to public welfare, emphasis on talent cultivation, and continuous support for academic development. Born in Hong Kong in 1951, Lin Qi-Guo later moved with his family to Laos. After the fall of Laos in 1975, he resettled in Taiwan as a Lao refugee. Having been an overseas Chinese, overseas student, and refugee, Lin is particularly concerned with the education of overseas Chinese youth. He plans to support CYCU’s Dream Fulfillment Fund and Development Fund, encouraging CYCU overseas Chinese students to engage in practical service at Southeast Asian Chinese schools or communities. Additionally, he aims to reward overseas Chinese students and children of new immigrants for participating in overseas service learning, fostering a cycle of goodwill.

Chung Yuan Christian University President Li Ying-Ming, in his speech at the honorary doctorate awarding ceremony, stated that Lin Qi-Guo embodies the spirit of “lifelong learning.” As the chairman of Dianhua Hotel, the largest wedding banquet chain in Taiwan, Lin has been dedicated to promoting “learning organizations” and “leadership through service.” Lin is known for his innovative breakthroughs and willingness to share with others. His proactive, bold, and confident character, along with his practical corporate management spirit, has established him as an exemplary leader and manager for society and the nation. Lin’s international contributions and influence have been recognized by the Republic of China (Taiwan), awarding him the First-Class Professional Civil Service Medal twice, in 2011 and 2018.

The ceremony for awarding an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree to Mr. Lin Qi-Guo was held in the Xiude Hall of the Zhang Jing-Yu Memorial Library at Chung Yuan Christian University. After receiving the honorary doctorate, Lin Qi-Guo expressed his heartfelt emotions with “countless thanks” and encouraged all faculty and students with the message, “Lifelong learning, dedicated contribution.” Lin recalled that when he was 10 years old, he saw a group of Lions Club members wearing vests on the streets of Laos, helping people in need. He made a wish then to become a capable person who could join the Lions Club and serve society in the future. This wish came true in 1983 when he not only became a Lions Club member but also extended his service from Taiwan to the world.